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Preparing for Teaching

Preparing for Science Teaching

            Teaching is a systematic presentation of facts, ideas, skills, and techniques to students. Although human beings have survived and evolved as a species because of their capacity to share knowledge, teaching as a profession did not emerge until relatively recently. The societies of the ancient world that made substantial advances in knowledge and government, however, were the ones in which specially designated people assumed responsibility for the education of their young ones, these are the teachers.

A teacher cannot enlighten his pupils if he himself is ignorant. He can lift them no higher than himself.  After the college the young teacher should always be learning and improving himself. This is done through private study and by discussing with others on topic that exercise the intellect. If the teacher ceases to learn, his mind will become stagnant and this is the worst enemy of education. To be a successful teacher, he must have the following qualities.

  1. Physical energy: Healthy living is the secret of physical energy. It allows all your good intentions to be carried out.
  2. Perseverance: The teacher may face opposition from the staff of the school, but perseverance takes him along the course of the goal.
  3. Responsibility: The young teacher may be put in charge of grooming children; he should beware of students that have been trusted to him and should work in the interest of the children.
  4. Initiative: The teacher with the initiative will never be a dull teacher. He will be able to provide fresh approaches to his students and will be resourceful.
  5. Self control: The teacher must be able to control himself especially when his angry.
  6. Decisiveness: The teacher must be able to take decisions as situation demands.
  7. Sincerity: As a teacher, do a good job when teaching your students, not just to impress other staff members.
  8. Humour: Making fun of children is not humour, it is rudeness to do so. Humour shows itself in pleasantness, cheerfulness and friendly situations.
  9. Loyalty: This means doing the best you can do. You must be loyal to your work and students.
  10. Leadership: The teacher by the nature of his job is a leader. You need to be a good leader to do well in your teaching.