Material Improvisation

Improvisation of materials in Science


There are many places in the world where laboratory materials are inadequate.  To foster the teaching of science subjects in such areas and others places, materials must be improvised for the goals of teaching science to be achieved.  A good science teacher should be able to improve materials for teaching his students.

Meaning of Improvisation

Improvisation is an act of making substitute when the real material is not available.  Improvisation in science is the act of making use of alternative materials and resources to facilitate instruction, whenever there is a shortage of the standard equipment.  The term improvisation implies that it is make shift arrangement for accomplishing the intended learning task.

 Material improvisation is another important source of resource material for science teaching. Improvisation can be classified under material resources.

The importance of improvisation.

  1. It makes learning real.
  2. It focuses the attention of the learner on learning materials
  3. It can be used as a substitute for another material.
  4. It allows students to participate in the production of materials to be used in teaching them.
  5. It may be cheaper than the original material
  6. It enables participants to develop problem solving skills.
  7. Scientific attitude is also developed in the learner
  8. The individuals involved also develop skills in the use of the improvised material.
  9. Students are actively involved
  10. Widen the scope of equity
  11. Form better understanding.

Guidelines for Improvisation

These are the guidelines for improvising materials.

  1. The teacher should be familiar with the content of curriculum.
  2. The teacher should know materials that are not available.
  3. The teacher should find out the tools and the materials for the improvisation.
  4. All safety measures should be put in place before attempting to improvise.
  5. Adequately inform the students of what exactly they are to do during the improvisation.
  6. Print out and diagrams must be prepared and circulated to the students before the time.

Participants in the improvisation method must be given clear rules and regulations before they start.


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