Research Design

Research Design

Lesson 1 – Meaning of Research Design

Research design is important any time we intend carrying out a study. When building a house a lot of things are put into consideration, including the plan of the house.

And don’t forget that you approval of your plan from a certified agent before building  your house. Research design is also an initial plan of how you intend carrying out your study. It must be carefully drafted out.

Research design is the specification of plans or procedures for data collection and analysis in a proposed study.

Research design is the plan for research project. It provides the guidelines which direct the researcher towards solving a particular problem.

The research design provides a complete guideline for data collection, data analysis and data interpretatio

Components of research design are the followings.

There are three major types of research design. They are:

1.  experimental design

2.  cross-sectional design

3.  quasi-experimental design

We discussed these in this study. Just move ahead!