Literature Review

Literature Review

Lesson 4 – Importance of lit rev

This lesson discusses the importance of literature review

Literature review provides background and context for the research problem. More so…

1. it establishes the need for the research

2. it  demonstrates to the reader that the researcher has a comprehensive grasp of the field and is aware                 of important recent empirical, theoretical and methodological development

3. it shares with reader the results of other studies that are closely related to the study being proposed

4. it relates the proposed study to the larger ongoing dialogue in the literature filling in  gaps and                            extending prior studies

5. enables the researcher to give credit to those who have laid the ground work for the proposed research

6. demonstrates the researcher’s ability to critically evaluate, integrate and synthesize relevant existing                    literature

7. it convinces the reader that the proposed research will make a significant and substantial contribution                to the literature by resolving an important theoretical issue or filling a major gap in the literature

8. it enables the researcher to describe how the proposed research will differ from and or expand                             previous research works