Literature Review

Literature Review

Lesson 1 – Meaning of Literature Review

Literature Review

The essence of literature review is to read relevant work in your research area and understand the procedure of the investigation, area of study, method of analysis and findings. Going through literature also enables the researcher to know what the research questions and hypotheses will look like.

Many information on statement of the study, purpose, procedure … could also be obtained from review of literature.

When you review other peoples work follow the latest APA style. Do not copy peoples work verbatim but paraphrase. If you need to quote follow APA format as you do so.

Make your review critical, those that say similar thing about a concept put them together, those that say different things about the concept also put them separately together.

Then draw your inference from the ideas of the two or more groups.

  • Make your review a critical analysis. Do not always read and report what you read, make it a critical analysis with respect to your work. Criticize reviews on sample, sampling techniques, data collection, method of analyses, findings etc. in this way make case for your work.
  • Paraphrase by presenting the report of another researcher in another way different from the original statement.