About me

The way up is down

Sunday Adeniran

Aspiring to make something out of life, I went through learning processes and eventually have Ph.D. I also did a Postgraduate programme in Computer Science. The experience gained when I was a student in the University has prompted me to put this together for learners and for free. I have taught at different levels of educational system and knows what it takes to conduct a research. I am a researcher, educator, a motivator and a mentor.
The content


The courses developed here are on research in education. But the meaning of research is explained with examples. Efforts were made to simplify the contents of the course especially when the learners could be busy. We started with 9 courses but shall continue to add more as the case may be. Enjoy yourself.

To Guide You

We know you need quick guide in your research work and where all the necessary information will be.

To Help The Needy

We want to be your friend in your time of need. You may not have money to buy courses online but this is it.


You can become an expert after learning the courses here and can also teach others in need. Be empowered for life.