How to Study

How to Study for Success Sunday Adeniran – 18/11/2017 Number of students will continue to increase in schools just as population also continues to increase all over the world. The increase in students population means more personnels, equipment and other… Read More »How to Study

Preparing for Teaching

Preparing for Science Teaching             Teaching is a systematic presentation of facts, ideas, skills, and techniques to students. Although human beings have survived and evolved as a species because of their capacity to share knowledge, teaching as a profession did… Read More »Preparing for Teaching

Uses of Nuclear Energy

INTRODUCTION All matter is made up of chemical elements in which are in turn composed of atoms. A chemical element consists of a substance that cannot be broken down chemically into simpler substances. There are 106 known elements. Hydrogen is… Read More »Uses of Nuclear Energy

Teaching Materials

Instructional Materials Instructional materials are devices that are used during teaching to simplify the work of the teacher and make learning better for the students.  Instructional materials help the learner grasp what is being taught. Classification of Instructional Materials Instructional… Read More »Teaching Materials

Material Improvisation

Improvisation of materials in Science Improvisation There are many places in the world where laboratory materials are inadequate.  To foster the teaching of science subjects in such areas and others places, materials must be improvised for the goals of teaching… Read More »Material Improvisation